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A Great Train Journey!

March 24-31, 2007

The canyons of northern Mexico are a system of narrow steep sided channels with pine forests on the rim and desert flora at the bottom. The Copper Canyon complex is composed of many layers of volcanic strata with five canyons deeper than the Grand Canyon. The red and black volcanic rocks, and shades in between, make the canyons especially colorful in the early morning and late afternoon light. The Tarahumara Indians live here, and are famous the world over for their long distance running events of 250 miles or more. They wear colorful clothing for these events and are master pine basket weavers too. We will see some of their artwork and crafts and a demonstration of their running and ball handling skills. Ride the Chihuahua al Pacifico Train, completed in 1961, with 39 bridges and 86 tunnels. From the train you can see the breathtaking scenery of the canyons, villages, and the changing vegetation. Join us and discover the many colors of Copper Canyon, Mexico!

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$2,595 plus 2-for-1 air from Tucson (+ tax)!

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