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Expedition leaders Dr. Victor Kuzevanov & Elena Kuzevanov
(Photo courtesy of John Perry)


July 23-Augus 7, 2009

Kamchatka is a remote peninsula in the Russian Far East north of Japan. It is two-thirds the size of California, includes several active volcanic corridors, and is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kamchatka extends into the North Pacific Ocean along the highly volcanic zone where the Pacific Ocean and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. Twenty-nine of its 300 volcanoes are active, including Klyuchevskaya, the tallest on the Eurasian continent at 4,835 meters. The Peninsula's diverse ecosystems include glacier, tundra, taiga forest, birch forest, wetlands, lagoons, and desert. On the mountainous volcanos there are 414 glaciers, some 150 meters thick. There are 200 healing mineral springs; 150 of them are hot springs.

For two weeks, we will explore this remote land of mystery and mists. During our expedition we will:

  • Explore Petropavlovsk, the capital of Kamchatka, situated on the lovely Avachinskaya Bay.

  • Discover the villages of Mil’kovo, Esso, and ethnic settlements, including Sosnovka, which maintain
    their rich culture.

  • See fabulous geologic wonders - geysers, steam vents, mud pots, recent lava deposits, and snow covered volcanos, including the scenic, world famous Valley of the Geysers.

  • Discover a profusion of flowering plants and ferns. Many of them have medicinal value and about 100 species are already used in scientific medicine.

  • See amazing and noisy seabird rookeries, with nesting gulls, kittiwakes, guillemots, and cormorants. There are 240 species of land birds.

  • Discover the salmon capital of the world. Six species of ocean-going salmon and two species of freshwater salmon spawn here, including the king of the salmon - King Salmon. The coastal waters are incredibly rich in fish: cod, halibut, flounder, herring, perch, and rock trout, plus there are many species of crabs, shrimp, mollusks, sea cucumbers, and commercial sea weeds.

  • Meet and learn from ethnic tribes (Even, Itelmen, Koryaks) who live much as they have for thousands of years and share their stories of hunting, fishing, and traditions. Visit the Regional and the Local Museums for more examples of artifacts and displays.

With leadership by Dr. Victor Kuzevanov, we will discover the delights of this remote paradise on a journey of a lifetime!

$4,995 + air

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