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See orangutans, visit the Togian Islands, legendary Bali, and See the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!
Total Solar Eclipse

February 26–March 10, 2016


A Backroads Journey to Fascinating Cultures & Spectacular Landscapes with Leadership by Dr. Chris Carpenter!
Discover the Tibetan Highlands of Sichuan!
July 17-30, 2015

Tibetan - Sichuan


Explore One of the Greatest Mysteries of All Time!
On board the Fiji Princess

June 16–July 2, 2015
Cuba - Sigma Xi



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We invite you to review our many trips for plant enthusiasts on this
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Join us... In the coming year on excellent expedition voyages and journeys of discovery. You will travel with members of AAAS, Sigma Xi, ACS, the Planetary Society, and friends of Betchart Expeditions Inc. to outstanding locations worldwide. Travel with groups of like-minded travelers and stimulating scientific experts who share a love of learning, discovery, and adventure. We invite members and non-members to participate!

laska aurora

Families and Friends... Many of our expeditions provide wonderful opportunities for families and friends to enjoy adventures together. Each expedition offers a variety of experiences with much to appeal to a wide range of interests. Along with our experts and local guides your family and friends will have an exciting, educational, once-in-a-lifetime adventure!



Betchart's Iceland Eclipse 2015 Expedition met with rousing success, including
sparkling clear skies for the Eclipse flights in three 757's over the North Atlantic!
The Eclipse viewing was terrific and the Aurora Borealis was breathtaking!

Iceland Eclipse

Iceland Eclipse
(Aurora photo courtesy of Sue Kayton; plane photo courtesy of Helgi Gudmundsson).

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Quotes from the participants

"Being aloft in a plane is a different view.......  you see very high resolution. You see the fine details of the corona."

"There are no words, it was just incredible, it was unbelievable, it was so cool".

"You see it starting to get dark...... .I want to share the euphoria with everyone - it is euphoria!"

"This is my 11th Eclipse. I've seen 9 Total and 2 Annular.  Each solar eclipse is different.  They are a lot like people. It's almost a mystical experience!"

Map for Discover Antarctica, including the Annular Solar Eclipse!
February 23-March 9, 2017
Truly a rare opportunity to explore Antarctica and see an Annular Eclipse
(just south of Trelew, Argentina!)

March 2012
Thanks to Brad Josephs




Learn all about Northern India from our expert Expedition Leader Chris Carpenter, Ph.D.!
August 19-September 1, 2015

Explore the Unique Heritage of this Enchanting Land including the Annular Solar Eclipse September 1, 2016!
August 20–September 4, 2016

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For Astronomy & Eclipse Enthusiasts

Visit our Web site: SolarEclipseTrips.com
Our trips for eclipse and astronomy enthusiasts are designed to travel to prime viewing areas that provide the best opportunities to meet scientists and to view the aurora borealis, meteor showers, or eclipses with clear skies. We invite guest experts to provide you with detailed information, handouts, briefings, and solar glasses (when recommended). You will also see and enjoy the surrounding cultures, archaeological or historical wonders, natural history, and scenic landscapes of the area with like-minded individuals who enjoy seeing the aurora, meteor showers, or eclipses as much as you do!

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Exciting news! Betchart Past Travelers now have a place where they can share their expedition experiences and pictures.

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University Study Abroad Trips & Private Trips

We organize University Study Abroad trips for teachers or students in China. If your university might be interested, please let us know. We also organize private family trips to Costa Rica, to the Galapagos Islands (on 20- or 40-passenger yachts, or on cruise ships), or on Safari in Africa, or in India.

Scientific Conferences

We can organize scientific conferences in Galapagos, Easter Island, Costa Rica, and other places which combine your normal meeting agenda with an excellent educational travel experience. Please



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