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Delphin II

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Optional Machu Picchu Pre-Trip
September  22-28, 2024
Optional Galapagos Post-Trip 
October 5-14-2024


Come join this 9-day adventure to Easter Island, including cultural and astronomical sites in Santiago, Chile, and see the "Ring of Fire" Annular Eclipse over Easter Island. Fly 2,500 miles to the west to one of the most remote locations on Earth, Easter Island, where the Annular Eclipse path will cross on October 2, 2024.
In Santiago, we will visit the outstanding Pre-Columbian Museum, and also have an introduction to Chile’s important astronomical heritage at the National Astronomical Observatory.
On Easter Island, our guide will give us an introduction as we begin our exploration of the island at Ahu Akivi. Then visit the
topknot quarry Puna Pau. We will also explore the south coast and see examples of unrestored platforms. We will proceed to Rano Raraku, the quarry with almost 900 stone statues. At the extinct volcano Rano Kau, we will have a fantastic view and see the Annular Solar Eclipse pass over Easter Island.

Join us in this extraordinary location to see the Annular Eclipse!


Bill Nye
The Science Guy®


Our adventure will begin in Santiago, Chile. We'll visit the excellent Pre- Columbian Museum and learn about Chile's astronomical heritage at the Observatory.
Then we'll fly to Easter Island to discover the major sites and see the Annular Solar Eclipse. There will be talks on the eclipse and eclipse photography.
Weather should be excellent for the eclipse, but there could be a possibility of cloud cover. This expedition will be terrific for travelers with an interest in the heritage of the unique culture of Easter Island and eclipses.
Our Easter Island guide will give us a short introduction to the heritage of Easter Island as we begin our exploration of the island at Ahu Akivi. Then proceed to the Ana Te Pau Cave, the west coast of Ahu Tepeu, and the topknot quarry Puna.
The next day explore the south coast and see examples of unrestored platforms, Ahus Vaihu and Akahanga.
The original Polynesian inhabitants brought bananas, taro, sugarcane, and chickens with them. As we learn more about their heritage, proceed to Rano Raraku, the quarry with almost 900 stone statues. Also visit Ahu Tongariki which was restored in 1960 after being destroyed by a tidal wave.
On Eclipse day, we’ll drive to the extinct volcano Rano Kaufor a fantastic view over the island and an opportunity to see the Annular Solar Eclipse pass over Easter Island. The Eclipse will be breathtaking and surreal!
Explore other sites this afternoon and possibly have time to lounge under the palm trees or swim in the warm southern Pacific Ocean. On the final day, visit the archaeological site of Tahai with three restored Ahus and moai. Here we will finally see a statue with its eyes reinserted!

Please call 408-252-4910 or email Info@BetchartExpeditions.com for more information, or to make a reservation. 

Margaret M. Betchart
President, Betchart Expeditions, Inc.

Starting at $5,495 plus air

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Optional Machu Picchu Pre-Trip Brochure
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